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Opening Night:Thursday September 11, 2014-James Bridges Theater


Run Out

Mindfulness and the Triune Brain 

Meditation, Creativity, Peace (film by David Lynch)

Moving From Emptiness: The Life and Art of a Zen Dude



Friday September 12th


Venue: Heal One World

Yoga Maya, Changing Minds at Concord High School

Panel: The Yoga Movie

Friday Wine & Cheese Party



Saturday September 13th- James Bridges Theater


Red Passage

Plundering Tibet

Killed to Order


Sunday September 14th - James Bridges Theater- Free Event

6:30 PM


What future?

Drown the Alarm


Monday September 15th--James Bridges Theater


Tricky Bidness

Chickukwa Project

The Better Half

Susan & Rose



Tuesday September 16th- Malibu Venue

7:30 PM

Flux: Redefining Woman's Surfing

Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter 

Great White Shark


Wednesday September 17th -Eco-Logical Art


The Mural

No Trace-Promise Tomorrow


Thursday September 18th-


Bay Club Main

7PM Furthest From the Wild, HEAL! Veterans Speak About PTSD,  Lizzy

9PM Filmmaker Party


Bay Club Green Room


7PM Voices, Impulse

9PM Crossroads: Labour Pains of a New Worldview, The Amazing You



Friday September 19th-

Bay Club Main

7PM The Kingdom Within, A Place Called Hope

9PM  Find Your Way, Different, Not Less

Live Music


SM Promenade Playhouse- Main

6:30PM  Project: ICE

8:30PM  Healing My Sister:Detox, The Ripple Effect

9:30PM Upper Theater- Hooked

10:30PM No Daylight


Bay Club Green Room


7PM Walk, Talk, Dance, Sing

9PM Part & Parcel a Yoga documentary Satsang;  Impermenance



Saturday September 20th-

Bay Club Main

10AM Yoga Class

11:30AM The Collective Evolution III: The Shift

1PM Amchi, Healing the Human Being Using the Universal Diagnostic Maps

3PM  Room 19, Art as a Weapon, Preparing for Life, Saint Dee Dee

5PM   One: A Story of Love and Equality, Dandelion Dreams

7PM  Water Blues Green Solution, Tapped Out: Unearthing the Global Water Crisis, Like a Circle in Water

9PM In Everyone's Eyes, Lone Prophet, Bogotá, Bacatá, who Knows..,  Diego


Bay Club Green Room


1PM  The Beginning There Was Light

3PM The Invisible Peak, Hard Way Home

5PM First Do No Harm, What ate my mum and will it eat me?

7PM  Mobile in Black and White, Cowtown Keylocko, Scapegoat

9PM Nearly, Really, Me


SM Promenade Playhouse- Main

11AM  Connected by Coffee, Bordering on Treason

1PM  The Doorway,  Freedom from Choice

3PM The Hill, Expect Resistance


7PM  No Evidence of Disease, My Aunt Kim, Tamale Lesson

9PM Risky Business, The Conversation


Sunday September 21st-


Bay Club Main

10AM-12PM Filmmakers Brunch


12PM Student Filmmaker Showcase

2PM  Love Bomb, Silver Tsunami, As It Used To Be

4PM Rivival of Jewish Poland,  High Hopes, From the Sky


8PM Closing Night Party


Bay Club Green Room

12PM Algeria- A Humanitarian Expedition, Farm City, The Salima Project

2PM Youth Film Showcase 

4PM Change: the Light Particle Effect, One Light, 


SM Promenade Playhouse- Main

12PM  Immigration Paradox, Incognito Witch


4PM Healing of Heather Garden, Hope on Horizon, ML4: A Rare and Devastating Disease, But it doesnt have me


 Aero Theater- Closing Films

6:00 PM

The Starfish Throwers

Judgement Call

Grace of a A Stranger









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